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Artwalk Little India 2020: Circles and Travellers at Tekka Place

“Passage of time”: the theme for Artwalk Little India 2020 represents the journey through space and time with exhibitions, workshops, performances and art to invoke memories of the past, calmness of the now and excitement of tomorrow. 

For consecutive weekends on January 10 – 11 and 17 – 18, the premises of Tekka Place proudly hosted thousands of visitors as they admired two beautiful murals as part of Artwalk Little India 2020. Tekka Place has been supporting Artwalk Little India via sponsorships since 2017, and we’re excited to have taken our support to the next level this year by providing spaces to host murals, media events, workshops and more! 

Artwalk Little India 2020 is a public art festival jointly organised by LASALLE and the Singapore Tourism Board with the support of Little India Shopkeepers & Heritage Association in conjunction with Singapore Art Week. The event is a staple of the Singapore Art Week circuit, with 260,000 visitors in 2019.

The festivities kicked off at the opening launch party, hosted at the Rooftop Pavilion at Tekka Place’s Annex Block — guests were treated to cultural performances and enjoyed a hearty meal to begin the event.

The murals, dubbed Circles and Travellers, were featured at level 1 of our Annex and Main Block respectively.

Designed by Jezlyn Tan, Circles is an intricate mural compromising of over 700 circular aluminium cut-outs, arranged in four overlapping layers on a flat, curved wall. Six distinct colours were used to reflect the vibrancy and energy of the space.

Definitely a head-turning installation, Circles greeted guests and visitors passing by the Annex Block — effortlessly catching the public eye and enthralling festival-goers who couldn’t help but take the time to admire the installation and gush over the level of detail needed to create such a piece.

Located just inside Tekka Place’s Main Block on level 1, Travellers is created by Khairulddin Wahab, who has exhibited in various local and internal exhibitions such as Biennale Jogja 2019 and S.E.A Focus and State of Motion. Travellers is inspired by cultural motifs rooted in nature, celebrating the rich tradition and culture behind textiles in Indian culture through nature laced with spirituality, environmental history and symbolism.

The colourful mural was clearly a favourite among event-goers, a visual feast for the eyes with its vibrant hues and patterns reminiscent of the clothing and textiles you’d find among tailors in the streets of Little India.

As a luxury mall in the heart of one of Singapore’s richest cultural precincts, Tekka Place looks forward to continue playing our part by hosting and supporting more heritage events like Artwalk 2020.

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